Cette année, notre partenaire Proyector Festival lance son appel à projet du 1er avril au 31 mai pour un festival qui se déroulera du 25 septembre au 5 octobre dans 3 pays différents dans les villes de Madrid, Coimbra et Milan.



OPENCALL: 01 APRIL - 31 MAY 2014

1. Videoart with specific Theme "POWER" and language would be admitted; please, include Spanish and English subtitles when it would be needed. There is no length, age term. You can present videos monochannel for the festival and the others festivals were we collaborate. Video-instalations (monochannel, multichannel, interactives), interventions, projections for public spaces, video-performances, for show in the spaces of the festival. Alse we could select videoart´s workshops, that have to include the idea and the budget. And this year, we need more than never a lot of "Volunteers", pthat help us with the organization, the equipes, the designs, photos, videos, press, partners, sponsorships)

2. All the works would be selected by PROYECTOR for their screening in different shows and festivals. There will not be any prices. Due to the independent and no profit character of PROYECTOR, it has not financial resources for artist fees or expenses for the participants. However, in case of any possibility of payment for the artist, he or she would be informed and asked by PROYECTOR.

3. Once the Festival would be finished, the videos will not be returned; they would be part of the PROYECTOR's archive for future screenings with no profit motiv in mind, in Spain, Portugal and Italy or abroad. The sending of the works would mean that the artist agree with the screening of the video piece and its use in any media that PROYECTOR considers useful for the spreading. The artist would keep all the rights and the property of the piece, and PROYECTOR is only authorized for its exhibition and spreading. All the projections will be free and in the case that a Government institution show it, we will try to find a finance for the caches of the artists.

4. PRESELECTION: All the videos have to be online, open or in private but with the permission to proyectorvideoartfestival@gmail.com Also you can send a link to download from clouds or servers, with a deadline until the end of June. The vídeos must be labeled with the title of the work, the artist's name, nationality, e-mail, telefone or skype and length. And have to fill the attached to email info@proyector.info:

- Title of the work - Lenght - Year of realization - ARTIST: Name / Nationality / e-mail / website / CV (less than 5 lines) - Description (less than 5 lines) - 1-5 photos of the piece.

5. More than one work by artist would be admitted, but please less than 3.

6. SELECTION: All the artists selected will be contact by email after the summer, and they will have to send the file in digital, in the best quality, perference MOV HD or MP4 HD, but we admite all others formats.

7. The sending of the works would mean the agreement of the rules. Any aspect not include in these rules will be resolved by PROYECTOR.

Organiza: KREÆ, Instituto de Creación Contemporánea Dirige: Mario Gutiérrez Cru.

+ INFO: http://www.proyector.info info@proyector.info